Zahid Rahman (National College of Sciences)

Welcome to zaidi's personal site

the sweet memories of murree with my best friend saifi. 

Commitment is every thing once made a commitment then keep it through out the life.

As i say ( A man without Commitment is just like a tree having no shadow and bear no fruit)

be committed to your work and get respect.  

Hi This is your course instructor Zahid Rehman.  Inshallah you will find all your related material and help from this website. I will upload all the related material and class lecture notes at this site you just click on the Financial Risk Management menu and you can download all the data. the credit goes to my teachers and friends who actually helped me in developing this site for my students, especially Sir Atta Ullah Shah. i am very great full to him.

follow this link u well find a bundle of data.


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